Sunday, January 25, 2009

Web Madness Continues!

The end of the week and the start of another, seems I haven't accomplished near as much as I would like! Spent the weekend on my website, blog, Etsy Shop, resume, job searching, and searching the internet for information! Needing an income and with the current job market what it is I have been attacking the situation from many different aspects.
1. Job Searching & Resume - have uploaded my resume to several job search sites, and sent my resume to several different possibilities. However I have not found anything that really seems like the "position" I would love to find. But the search will continue!
2. Networking - Have been working hard on finding social and business networking that may help with finding work! Contacting friends and family and notifying all that I can of my search.
3. Establishing more of a web presence and working on self promotion for my art work! Uploading files to places like Etsy & Cafe Express, and searching and finding other artist networks to consider. Have also been researching items like ATC and ACEO cards, printing processes and how to do it all professionally! Somehow I feel that this in itself would be more of my idea of a dream job than anything else. Future posts will include information I have found, websites, blogs, and other information that I have found that can help others in these areas!
Yep, its been a busy weekend even if I feel I haven't accomplished near enough! Heeee... the list seems to keep growing instead of getting shorter, for everything I cross off I seem to add two more. However I do feel that all of this will produce results and I will be better off in the end game for it all!!
Hope everyone has had a great weekend! More to come ... but later!

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